When a Loved One Goes Home to Jesus

Sooner or later we will all have to face the death of a loved one. Christians meet this reality more than most because we belong to a bigger family: the church. In the body of Christ, God blesses us with … Read More

Bendita & Undas at St. Therese Columbarium

Undas, as Filipinos call it covers both November 1 and 2 which is All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day respectively, although both days are spent remembering the souls of the dead rather than the saints; which has become a … Read More


In the heart of Pasay City stands the St. Therese Columbarium with its excellent features and amenities; the Columbarium reminds us always of God’s everlasting mercy for us and those whom we love. This month of OCTOBER 2018, we are … Read More

A Parent’s Sacrifice

Elend Venture had never been the most appreciative of children. His father, Peter Venture, was my father’s next door neighbor, and his childhood friend. I had never met Elend when he was a child, but apparently he was a spoiled … Read More

The St. Therese Blessed Oil

The St. Therese Blessed Oil is a sacramental like holy water it is not the Holy Oil used in the Catholic Church’s Sacraments. (A sacramental is an object, a prayer,etc. that helps us grow in our spiritual life and increases our devotion to our faith.)… Read More

Columbarium as an Investment

While many of you may not yet know, columbariums are storage facilities containing vaults. What do these vaults contain? Well, all vaults contain something valuable. … Read More

Mother’s Day Promo 2018

This month of May, St. Therese Columbarium is offering 50% OFF Promo on ALL VAULTS as a way of thanking the Lord for the blessings of the 4th Visit of the Pilgrim Relics of St. Thérèse of the Child Jesus … Read More

Plan for a Good Death

It’s a fact of life that we’re all going to die at some point. While it’s not something you probably want to think about, you can make things a lot easier on yourself (and your family) if you get everything … Read More

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